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Adequate levels of environmental awareness can be the solution to many of the challenges of today

Save for future generations amazing landscapes, unique habitats, and biodiversity, rare plant and animal species, pristine areas such as primaeval forests, unique swamps, mountain ranges and steppe, clean water, air, and soil - now do it without the help of eco-education is impossible.
Eco-education should be an important part of sustainable community development. Only the principles of sustainable development can counterbalance the rapid development of civilization and the increasing resource requirements of humans on the one hand and the needs of nature on the other.
Educational and scientific work with resource managers is also a crucial part. Sustainable use of resources in forestry can only be achieved if the legal framework is suitable, employees responsible for forestry at all units have sufficient knowledge of the principles and methods of sustainable forestry are appropriately used.

To improve the level of eco-education, the Danube-Carpathian Programme is working in the following areas:

  • support nature professionals, civil society individuals and the broad public to explore environmental issues, engage in problem-solving, and take action to improve the environment;
  • support a deeper understanding of environmental issues for a large number of nature protection and sustainable use stakeholders, especially working with local communities to raise their awareness of sustainable development;
  • training for civil society activists to identify and respond properly to corruption and illegal activities related to nature;
  • training for resource managers on sustainable forestry and water practices;
  • cooperation with protected areas staff for the implementation of modern nature conservation practice;
  • disseminating expert and public knowledge about sustainable development principles, protection of valuable natural areas, Red list species etc.

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