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Forests are extremely important for global and regional climate, conservation of biodiversity and the stability of the water basin.

Forests play an important role in the purification and accumulation of water, retain carbon, and are a place of conservation of unique biodiversity. Besides, forests provide society with a variety of livelihood products and provide numerous ecosystem services.
the long-term history of “human-nature” interaction has led to a significant transformation of forests. Over the last several decades, the area of ​​forests has decreased significantly, and the remaining ones have partially degraded in terms of species composition, structure, and quality of ecosystem services. Numerous corruption cases, illegal logging of forests, irresponsible management of forest resources are all common in the Ukrainian forestry.

To protect forests and support the development of sustainable forestry, the Danube-Carpathian Program works in the following areas

  • support the conservation management of UNESCO's Natural Heritage Sites as well as protected areas of Ukraine;
  • provide support for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on forests;
  • survey the forest areas to identify virgin and old-growth forests (national legislation categories like “virgin forests”, “quasi-virgin forests” and “natural forests”); prepares materials on granting conservation status to particularly valuable forest areas both in Ukraine and internationally;
  • cooperate with the authorities and forest users to support the sustainable forest management in Ukraine, supports the certification of forest areas and their restoration;
  • support the law enforcement in the forest sector, as well as the development of the Forest Watch civil society movement to fight corruption in forestry and nature conservation, learning how to keep forests from illegal logging, working with authorities and local communities to reduce these cases.

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