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Live green!

Big changes are impossible without small steps. If you are concerned about the state of the environment, you are not indifferent to the fate of rare species, you are concerned about deforestation in the tropical forests or in the Carpathian Mountains, pollution of Ukrainian rivers or the oceans – you can start changing the world for the better right now. We’ve put together a list of things you can do today to reduce your impact on the planet.

Save energy and resources

Remember, the light you don’t turn off when you leave the room is not just a bill from your local power company. Electricity production requires a large number of fossil resources, polluting and warming the planet – in particular, nuclear waste, greenhouse gases, air, and water pollution. Also, if you have the ability, use the delayed start feature to start your laundry, dishwasher or boiler turned on at night, but not at peak hours. Pay attention to energy consumption when you buy appliances, warm your home, switch to green energy.

Being in nature: tips on how not to hurt

Being in nature is hard to overestimate. Here we reboot, organize our thoughts and find true peace and joy. Here we learn to truly love, appreciate and protect the environment. Staying in a forest or even a park, contemplating trees, the smells of nature and its sounds can normalize blood pressure, improve heart function, help fight stress and improve sleep (and this is scientifically proven!). But man’s stay in the wild is not always as beneficial to nature.

We, the team of experts of the NGO “Danube-Carpathian Programme” has prepared for you a list of tips on how to behave in nature so as not to harm.

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Mission: to establish a protected area. Where to start?

Do you know about the unique natural area? Do you dream of preserving your favourite forest, swamp, tree, stream or riverbank? The best way to do this is to give the area protection status by the establishment of a new protected area.

Don’t you believe it’s possible?

It is not necessary to have the appropriate education or position to initiate the creation of protected areas. Instead, it is important to be persistent and find nature like-minded people. Many protected areas have been created by dreamers: where they live, grew up or were born. Researchers or institutes have only helped make these dreams come true. We will tell you how to do it and where to start.

Seven easy ways to join the protection of animal rights

One of the features of a civilized society is the observance of animal rights in society. The bitter truth is that in Ukraine people violate animal rights every day. This includes poaching, cruelty to domestic and domestic animals, destruction of wildlife habitats, testing of drugs on animals, smuggling of exotic animals, trade-in these animals in pet stores, mating centres and so on.
To preserve and maintain wildlife populations and to establish civilized habits for domestic animals requires a tremendous effort by governments, scientists, law enforcement, and society. However, there are simple things that everyone can do.

Animals on the road: what every driver can do

Roadkilled animals have become commonplace in almost every country in the world. Animals become victims of collisions on different roads and railways, regardless of whether they are rare or widespread, have a protected status in the Red Data Book or not, have wings, four paws, or no legs at all.

And the better the roads, the more victims there are in the wild, as speeds increase on the roads without the introduction of safeguards for animal migration.

Collisions with animals are especially common at night, as well as in areas with limited visibility. Such collisions are dangerous not only for animals but also for humans. Almost every year people die in collisions with animals. Injuries and property damage are common. Therefore, the protection of animals on the roads is both the protection of people and vehicle properties.

How to save electricity: facts and tips

Saving electricity today is, above all, about sharing and taking care of Ukrainians whose homes do not currently have it. And besides, it (as before) also saves money and reduces our carbon footprint.

We hope that you have already replaced all inefficient incandescent lamps with LEDs not only at home, but also in the entrance hall, learned to turn off appliances when you are not using them, and to boil exactly as much water as you plan to use right away. So, now we offer to dive into the topic of saving electricity even more deeply.