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Live green!

Big changes are impossible without small steps. If you are concerned about the state of the environment, you are not indifferent to the fate of rare species, you are concerned about deforestation in the tropical forests or in the Carpathian Mountains, pollution of Ukrainian rivers or the oceans – you can start changing the world for the better right now. We’ve put together a list of things you can do today to reduce your impact on the planet.

Save energy and resources

Remember, the light you don’t turn off when you leave the room is not just a bill from your local power company. Electricity production requires a large number of fossil resources, polluting and warming the planet – in particular, nuclear waste, greenhouse gases, air, and water pollution. Also, if you have the ability, use the delayed start feature to start your laundry, dishwasher or boiler turned on at night, but not at peak hours. Pay attention to energy consumption when you buy appliances, warm your home, switch to green energy.

Make a conscious choice

Manufacturers often add packaging to add things or products of an elite look. Hermetically sealed plastic tubes with toothpaste are additionally packaged in boxes, each serving of a piece of cheese is wrapped in a separate plastic wrap, biscuits often have plastic containers, and eggs can be bought either in recycled paper trays or in plastic ones. Choose products with less packaging and those that are easier to process. Buy local goods that do not consume much fuel. Discard disposable tableware and disposable bags. And when you buy things, ask yourself more often – are they worth it? After all, the price of a bright Christmas tree toy from China, which will last you a maximum of several weeks, is not really about what is written on the price tag, but about the toxic waste of the river, soil, and air.


Find out where different types of waste can be shipped to your city or area so they can be recycled and start sorting. Remember that sorting not only reduces the amount of garbage that goes to landfills but also saves resources. The more paper we reuse, the less we will have to cut down trees to produce new paper and the less energy we will have to produce. The same with other types of waste. Attach to sorting relatives and arrange for an office gathering. And also do not forget about the support of companies that make things from recycled materials – choose them!


You can achieve more by connecting with like-minded people. There are already many initiatives in Ukraine that bring together like-minded people, neighbors or the community. It is possible to arrange and clear the park, organize neighbors and collect waste paper together. Get involved in major wildlife rescue initiatives.