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Our Team

NGO “Danube-Carpathian Programme”

– is a team of experts and scientists on ecology, nature conservation, sustainable development of natural ecosystems, forestry, wetlands, environmental law and other problems of protection and sustainable development of the environment.

Bohdan Prots, Ph.D. (1997), Senior Research Scientists (Assoc. Prof., 2003).

- CEO and Director of the NGO "Danube-Carpathian Programme".
Areas of scientific and expert work: conservation biology, plant ecology, conservation and protected areas management, floodplain management, nature protection policy.
Experience: 30 years of expertise/research studies in biodiversity and natural resource management in countries of Europe and Asia; 17 years of management of international projects on nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the Danube-Carpathian Region; For more than 11 years he worked as the leader of WWF in Ukraine. Also he is a Head of the Department of Landscape and Biota Diversity, State Museum of Natural History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine (2018).
Awards: Whitley Award Winner for Nature Conservation (2007, London) (“Green Oscar” in Nature Conservation).

Anatoliy Pavelko

- deputy director, Lawyer for Ecology and Environmental Protection.
Areas of expertise: legal principles of nature and forestry, conservation of wetlands (including natural rivers), combating violations of environmental legislation, environmental control, development of transport infrastructure and wildlife, environmental impact assessment, conservation of biodiversity.

Vasyl Gavryliuk

- expert on forestry practice in Ukraine. Forestry specialist with many years of scientific and teaching experience.
Areas of expertise: sustainable forest management, monitoring of forest territories using remote methods, evaluation of old-growth forests.

Igor SkolskyiІ

- expert on forestry practice in Ukraine. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (Forestry), Senior Fellow in Forest Crops and Phytomelioration. The FSC Auditor in Forestry. Winner of the Regional State Administration Award and the Regional Council for talented young scientists and specialists for significant achievements in the field of science, which contribute to the further development of socio-economic transformations in the region. Corresponding Member of the Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Areas of expertise: forestry management, planting of forest crops, certification of forests, sustainable use of natural resources.

Natalia Fedorova

- communication and fundraising. Master in Ecology and Environmental Protection. An environmental journalist with more than 10 years' experience. Winner of the Forestry Law Enforcement and Management Competition organized by the ENPI-FLEG Program in Ukraine. He is a participant of numerous training and seminars for environmental journalists, in particular: "Legal regulation of journalistic activity in Ukraine", School of social journalism "How to write about climate change", course "Text in news", etc.
Areas of expertise: communication, environmental journalism, investigative journalism.