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The Whitley Fund for Nature

The Whitley Fund for Nature promotes and supports change for the sake of wildlife and the sustainable development of local communities. The WFN Fund raises funds and grants to support the work of proven conservation leaders working in resource-poor countries with rich biodiversity. More about The Whitley Fund for Nature

 Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI)

The Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI) is a regional initiative of the Ramsar Convention, which seeks to support, conserve and make judicious use of wetlands in the Carpathians and beyond.

The Carpathians is Europe’s largest mountain area with unique natural areas and biodiversity, as well as the region’s water reservoir. These areas are characterized by a variety of valuable wetlands, such as forest peatlands, swamps and ponds, natural rivers and lakes, springs and wet meadows. At the same time, the rapid economic development of the region leads to significant changes and challenges for these mountain areas.

The NGO Danube-Carpathian Program shares the values ​​of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative and works with CWI to preserve and sustainably develop valuable wetlands in the region. More about the Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI).