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Public initiatives

Free Svydovets

One of the most amazing places in the Carpathians – the Svydovets massif is under threat. There are 93 red-book species, the largest rainfall in Ukraine, unique glacial lakes and primeval forests, which is a UNESCO heritage. At the same time, they intend to create a mega-resort – a huge tourist complex “Svidovets” with more than 60 hotels, 120 restaurants, 33 ski lifts and 230 km of trails, which can accommodate up to 28,000 tourists at a time. The plan involves the creation of several shopping malls, medical and fitness centers, banks, multi-story parking lots and even a runway.

If the plans for the construction of the mega-resort are realized, the natural value of this unique area will be lost. Also, large-scale construction will harm the surrounding areas.

NGO “Danube-Carpathian Program” is a member of the FreeSvydovets! initiative that brought together local communities, activists and more than 20 organizations. Together, the initiative’s members are working to stop the plans to build the mega-resort and preserve the natural value of Svydovets. More about the initiative here.

 Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI)

The Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI) is a regional initiative of the Ramsar Convention, which seeks to support, conserve and make judicious use of wetlands in the Carpathians and beyond.

The Carpathians is Europe’s largest mountain area with unique natural areas and biodiversity, as well as the region’s water reservoir. These areas are characterized by a variety of valuable wetlands, such as forest peatlands, swamps and ponds, natural rivers and lakes, springs and wet meadows. At the same time, the rapid economic development of the region leads to significant changes and challenges for these mountain areas.

The NGO Danube-Carpathian Program shares the values ​​of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative and works with CWI to preserve and sustainably develop valuable wetlands in the region. More about the Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI).

EcoWarta Project

EcoVarta is a project of the NGO Danube-Carpathian Program. One of the main areas of work of the project is forest conservation and sustainable use of forest resources by strengthening public control in the forest industry, involving the public in forest protection.

The roots of EcoVarta are related to the Forest Watch public movement, but it is more focused on transferring expertise to the public and increasing the effectiveness of public cooperation with the forest industry. EcoVarta will also cover other areas of work, including the conservation of natural rivers and other wetlands.