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War in Ukraine

The NGO "Danube-Carpathian Programme" was created to protect the environment, preserve the natural heritage and implement modern management practices, ensuring a sustainable future in an ecologically clean and safe environment for people and wildlife.
But in today's realities, we cannot remain aloof from the tragedy of the Ukrainian people, work as before and limit ourselves exclusively to environmental protection and nature conservation issues.

From the first days of the invasion until the victory, the NGO "Danube-Carpathian Programme" works:

  • to ensure the humanitarian needs of free Ukrainians who suffered as a result of the Russian attack;
  • for the support of the Ukrainian army, which heroically defends the aspiration of the Ukrainian people to live in a European democratic society;
  • we provide support in conducting an assessment of the impact of war on natural and semi-natural ecosystems, including protected areas, and key species of biota;
  • we work on the search and development of nature-oriented solutions in the rebuilding of country and nature restoration solutions to restore damaged ecosystems;
  • we work on improving the current legal framework and its application in wartime by preparing expert proposals, and comments and contributing to the work of relevant working groups.

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